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Heart Warriors – The Walk is One Month Away

Attention all Heart Warriors ……….

Lifebanc’s 2017 Gift of Life Walk and Run is ONE (short) month from today.

The walk will be at Blossom Music Center on SUNDAY, August 6th, 2017 at Blossom Music Center. The Gates open at 7:30AM, Opening Ceremony at 8:45AM.

Rain or shine!

We are looking forward to you joining us. And, as with every year, you are not required to walk or run if you aren’t up to it ……… just come and hang out with us and have some fun.

Click this link to go to our team’s sign up page ………. HEART WARRIORS

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Heart Warriors – The Gift of Life Walk and Run – 2017

Hello all Heart Warriors ……..

I truly hope that life has been good and everyone is in good health. Today, I am announcing that the Heart Warriors will be placing a team in the 2017 version of Lifebanc’s, Gift of Life Walk and Run.

This year’s event is on SUNDAY, August 6, 2017 and we will be back at Blossom Music Center this year. (NOTE, the Walk/Run is on SUNDAY)

I just registered the team “Heart Warriors” at this link ……… stop by and click on “JOIN TEAM”



Introducing – Heart Warriors

Gift Of Life Walk and Run – 2015 – New Year – New Team

GOLWR is on 8/8 this year (2015) at Blossom Music Center in Cuyahoga Falls OH.
Eight is significant because each and every donor can save a EIGHT lives.
Introducing – The Heart Warriors
A warrior is a defined as a person who shows or has shown great vigor, courage or aggressiveness. Also as a brave or experienced soldier or fighter.
As we look at heart transplants, it is NOT only the patient that becomes a warrior, but also the family and the friends as well. It takes a team of people to survive a heart transplant. WE ARE ALL WARRIORS!
Our team is not looking to be the biggest, the loudest or the team with the most people…… we just want to have fun …. we want to honor our donors …… we want laugh together, cry together, support each other and perhaps we will raise some funds to help Lifebanc accomplish their mission of getting the word out about the benefits of organ donation.
We plan on purchasing new T-shirts for the entire team for this year’s walk and run.
Please visit (and SAVE) us at our site here – https://theheartwarriors.com/ 
We will update this site as more information about the walk becomes available.
Thank you, Don Peshek with MUCH help from Holly Mulkerin