#Lifebanc #GOLWR #TGA16CLE

To all Heart Warriors ……. first, thank you for your help, your love and your kindness in making this year’s version of Lifebanc’s Gift of Life Walk & Run a huge success. I know that many of us were nervous about the unknowns of having the walk in downtown Cleveland, as a part of the Transplant Games of America. Overall, I think it went fairly well.

Yes, it was still an event filled with tons and tons of emotions ….. knowing the journey that all of us took to get here, whether it was as a patient, or as a family member or friend …. the experience of our separate journeys allowed us to laugh together, to cry together and to support each other and to also remember our donors and their families, as well as some of our friends that were either waiting on a transplant they didn’t receive or passed on at some point afterwards.

We were able to honor ALL organ donors, to celebrate the extra life we’ve been blessed with and to raise some money ($2,465 at this point) for Lifebanc to help educate the community about the benefits of organ donation and also to help provide bereavement services to families whose lives have been touched by organ donation.

A special thanks to Holly, for doing a lot of assisting behind the scenes.

And a special mention to Eric McLlelan (nephew of Bill & Marilyn Dlugos) who finished 2nd in his age group and 9th overall in the race.

I am humbled and honored to have walked with all of you. Bless all of you!

~ Don

PS: If you have other pictures that you’d like me to add, just send them my way. I know many of the pictures I took were not usable.




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