Heart Warriors – This Year and 2016 – Save The Date

Hey Heart Warriors,

First, Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year to you and yours.

Thanks for making our team a success in 2015 and as of today, at least we know the date for next year’s (2016) Lifebanc’s Gift of Life Walk and Run.

Lifebanc communicated to me that the date for the walk in 2016 has been moved to June 11th and the walk will be in Cleveland as a part of the 2016, Transplant Games. So, PLEASE SAVE THAT DATE!

The Transplant Games will be held from June 10th to June 15th. If you’d like more details about the games you can look the their website HERE or contact Lifebanc.

Registration for the walk will most likely open on Feb 1.

Again, Happy New Year to you and your families … may you find peace, good health and prosperity in 2016.

Be well, DAP




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