Thank You!!

First, I want to THANK the entire team of Heart Warriors! For your support of Lifebanc, your support of OUR team and for your love and friendship.

Secondly, I’d like to thank the staff and volunteers of Lifebanc that assembled another incredible Gift of Life Walk and Run.

And a special thanks to Holly, for the shirts and all of her help!

The day started off under cool, cloudy skies, which soon parted and allowed the summer heat to begin to build. It was a beautiful day.

The thoughts and emotions that we all had from the Legacy Garden will remain with us for a long time. I know throughout the morning their were laughs and smiles, as well as tears and hugs as we remembered our donors, caregivers, families, friends, recipients, friends we’ve lost and others that were too sick to be with us. Every story told touched our hearts in some way.

Each and everyone on this team is a true HEART WARRIOR!

I don’t know the final count, but we currently show 32 members and that we raised $2,010 for Lifebanc’s important mission.

My PC rolled over and died last night, so I have to start over on the pictures and will post them soon. As well as the team picture once its available.

Congrats to our runners ……….

5K –

Eric – (pictured below) Placed 20th overall, 4th in his age group

Kaitlynn – 448th overall, 23rd in her age group

Jordan – Placed 208th overall and 15 in his age group

Keith – Placed 70th overall, 5th in his age group

10K –

Jenny – 69th overall and 6th in her age group

Dan – 101st overall, 7th in his age group

Congrats to Eric –










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