Registration is Open For the 2015 Lifebanc Gift of Life Walk & Run

This is an open invitation for you to join a team of heart warriors on August 8th and Blossom Music. Remember that heart warriors are not only the recipient, but also their family and friends as well. It takes a village to raise a …… heart patient!!

This post is to hopefully ease some the registration woes that I experienced.

First, link will take you right to our team’s registration page (click) —>  Heart Warriors

Once you are on the below page, I have found that, for me,  it was easier to click on REGISTER TO WALK OR RUN (circled below).


Then, read the disclaimer and CLICK on “I AGREE” (Circled Below)


On the next page, you will have the option to register as an individual or a GROUP or FAMILY. If you have more than one person to register I highly recommend using the GROUP or FAMILY. (See below)


The next page is fairly straight forward, create an account and start the registration process. Adults are $25 and children (Over 2) are $15. 

Also, we have a VERY special person that has volunteered to buy new shirts for the entire team (these are team shirts and not to be confused with the shirts Lifebanc gives for registration.) So, AFTER YOU REGISTER, PLEASE EMAIL US AT – with your T-shirt sizes!!!

Our logo will look something like this –



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